Ask our staff about our contract free yearly lawn care subscription. Lawn care all year round without ever having to call us or spend the afternoon looking for gardeners that never show up or answer their phones.

  • Stress free
  • Billed securely online
  • Freshly cut lawns all the year round

Our professional and affordable lawn mowing service will provide you with peace of mind. We are passionate about your lawn and will always provide quality customer service.

The optimal height of your grass for maximum growth depends on the species and climate. Highly knowledgeable and experienced, we are well equipped to mow your lawn according to recommended guidelines. Our skilled mowing specialists know just what it takes to keep your lawns and gardens looking full and healthy year round.

We offer a complete lawn mowing service at an affordable price, our service includes mowing the lawn front and back, picking up small debris (toys, hoses etc to safe location), edging, blowing and fertilising.

All these services start at just $49 for townhouses and small yards. Prices here

If you want to cut around trees and shrubs with precision and ease, then you need to Book Remedy Lawn and Gardens for Ride on lawn mowing Canberra.


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So when you do we want to give you a 25% discount off your next cut as a thank you.

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